SolPad Tier Structure Breakdown

3 min readJun 11, 2021


Here at SolPad, we simplify the entry into decentralized finance by providing a comprehensive token launching platform. We are able to accomplish this by offering a more diverse range of products under our $SOLPAD token.

Our products include:

  • A Launchpad.
  • An AMM DEX.
  • A Multi-chain wallet.

Today we will be focusing on the Launchpad side of our token, and more specifically, our equitable tier structure.

Launching Platform

By implementing our SolPad solution, we will be able to guide the Solana blockchain to success. With additional DeFi initiatives on Solana, the platform will expand its reach to help even more people. As the first MultiChain project to be built on Solana, SolPad will be the leading IDO platform for connecting all major Layer 1 chains. In addition to this, SolPad will provide everyone with an equal opportunity to join IDOs through our platform. Through this tiered system we create benefits for our holders, and ensure we are always committed to helping them.

Pooled Structure

Using our SolPad platform, we provide our holders with a pooled structure that will give everyone an equal opportunity of being a part of our forthcoming IDOs by staking $SOLPAD.

Becoming a part of the SolPad ecosystem is simple due to our straightforward tiering system. This system avoids any possibility of bot manipulation and provides all tokens and LPs holders an equal shot at participation in our IDOs.

Holders who wish to participate will just need to hold their SOLPAD tokens before an announced deadline. Users will then be classified into tiers based on the number of SOLPAD tokens holding , which will guarantee allocations among the participants.

SolPad has many tiers to choose from, such as:

  • Seaweed — Those who hold 35,000 $SOLPAD or more share a total pool weight allocation of approximately 4% among themselves.
  • Shrimp — Those who hold at least 100,000 $SOLPAD will be allocated 10% of a total pool weight split between all Shrimp Tier participants.
  • Crab — The crab tier is for holders of $SOLPAD who held at least 180,000 PAD, with 18% of the pool weight split amongst them.
  • Shark — $SOLPAD holders who hold at least 300,000 $SOLPAD are eligible for this tier, which offers a 23% allocation of pool weight among the participants.
  • Whale — Those who hold at least 450,000 $SOLPAD qualify for this tier, which distributes 45% of the pool weight equally between participants.

Remember, each participant will have to go through a whitelist process (not lottery or FCFS). Each participant will only be allowed to join in 1 pool only. So if you already participate in Whale Pool, you are no longer eligible for Shrimp or Crab pool and vice versa.

We selected a guaranteed allocation system because it ensures a fair opportunity for involvement in projects that launch on SolPad. Our belief is that all who hold enough $SOLPAD should be rewarded for their support. We look forward to seeing you all at our official IDO!

About SolPad Finance

SolPad Finance is the first Solana-based multichain launchpad, ushering in a new era of IDOs. What separates SolPad from the pack is that the ecosystem offers projects everything they need to succeed from incubation, launch and infrastructure support. SolPad will offer best-in-class interoperability by allowing users to bridge their native token between Solana and other blockchains such as BSC, Ethereum and more. SolPad will also provide a wide array of products within their ecosystem to provide unmatched utility under one roof through a multichain wallet solution and an AMM DEX, all to enhance the projects that launch with SolPad as much as possible.

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