SolPAD announce strategic investor from the Seed Round token sale

3 min readMay 5, 2021


We are pleased to announce the closing of our seed sale with an amazing group of investors .

SolPAD received over $400,000 USD in funding via leading investor:

ShinChan, Au21 Capital, Arcuate Capital, Black Mamba Ventures, Genblock, OPW Ventures, GourmetGalaxy Labs.

Additionally we want to recognize and thank to Demodyfi, Mandy B, DCI Capital, Trendsetter Ventures, DAS Kapital, Chainstride, Vestigium, Grizzly Capital .

By the end of the sale we were oversubscribed and we want to thank everyone whose interest led to our project raising $400,000 USD in funding.

Our investors and strategic partners have the expertise, knowledge, and understanding to help grow SolPAD into something we can proudly share.

We are excited by the days ahead on our journey to becoming one of the best blockchain launchpad platforms in the world.


Private round will start for pledge from today (05/05/2021)
We welcome all interested investor and contributors.

Please mail to:


Au21 Capital

AU21 is a Venture Capital firm based in Menlo Park and NYC operated by former executives from Huobi, Galaxy Digital, Consensus and Parity.

AU21 consistently ranks among the most active investors in the FinTech and Crypto sectors, and their portfolio spans dozens of firms, including Polkadot, Chainlink, Synthetix, Covalent, The Graph, Polkastarter, and DAO Maker, among many others.

GourmetGalaxy Labs LLC

Gourmet Galaxy is an innovative Yield Farming platform, a combination of DeFi and NFTs. They focus on the Defi ecosystem which includes quite impressive products GUMPad, GUM Farm, GUM Swap, GUM Vault.


Genblock Capital is a crypto fund in Silicon Valley which has been actively investing since early 2017. Their portoflio includes projects like Polkadot, Filecoin, Synthetix, Solana, FTX, 1inch Exchange and many more.

Arcuate Capital

Arcuate Capital is an investment firm backing entrepreneurs building the future of finance through blockchain tech, digital currency and crypto assets. Their portfolio of early investments include numerous highly successful portfolio companies including 1Inch, and Oxygen.

Arcuate provides experience, advice and hands-on help to push projects to succeed. They judge their success by the success of the projects they support.

Black Mamba Ventures

Black Mamba Ventures is a Consulting, Research, Assessment, and Venture firm working within Blockchain industry.

Being known as one of the earliest supporters of DeFi/Blockchain Unicorn (including Ramp DeFi, Alpha, Frontier, etc…), Black Mamba has a vast network and experiences within the industry range of investment, advisory, and marketing services.

OPW Ventures

OPW has been investing in the digital assets space since 2017.

They are strongly believe that digital assets, and in particular, decentralized finance applications will play a critical role in the digital economies of the future and they seek to invest in and work with the brightest developers and founders who are paving the way for new and innovative financial products.

DCI Capital Dutch Crypto Investors

DCI is a collective of like minded individuals that aims to promote, educate and inspire crypto enthusiasts. They actively invest in the most high-potential projects in the crypto space.

Dutch Crypto Investors has an extensive network of partners with the likes of VYSYN Ventures, DuckDAO, NFT Tech, Beyond Finance and many more.

Trendsetter Ventures

Trendsetter Ventures is an advisory and investment partnership for decentralized blockchain projects.

They are committed to incubating promising startups as well as further developed projects by providing them with funding, marketing, community building, structuring sound token economics, and advisory services.




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