How to create a Solana Wallet in the Sollet web wallet

Sollet — Solana SPL token wallet

  1. Go to by default it will create a new wallet for you. Make sure to save the 24 word seed phrase in a safe place and click continue.
  2. You can save them on password managers like Keepass.
  3. On step 2 encrypt your wallet seed using a password. Normally you can close the wallet and access wallet back by just entering the password.

Adding SPL Tokens to Solana wallet

  1. Click the plus icon on your Sollet wallet to add tokens.
  2. A popup screen will open which will contain three options: Popular Tokens, ERC20 Tokens and Manual input.

Popular Tokens

Adding ERC20 tokens

Manual Input

Export keys / mnemonic




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The first launchpad on Solana Ecosystems

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