Discovering SolPad and our products

Today, we would love to share more detailed information about SOL Pad platform and products.

In our previous Introduction, we talked about the situation of the Blockchain Industry as a whole, and the reason why we are building SOL Pad. Today, we would love to share more detailed information about SOL Pad platform and products.

Currently, there are lot of Launchpad inside Cryptocurrency market. The competition is fierce, however each of them lacks something to be perfect, and to cover all aspects of investing process.

For that, we are building SolPad, to become “not another Launchpad”. The goal of our platform is to become a fully functioned ecosystem that connect between startups and investors, to give everyone an equal chance to participate in upcoming projects on Solana.

While being built on Solana, we also aiming to become a Multichain project, giving users and projects the ability to do crosschain functions. Below is the products that SolPad built on top:

  • SolPad — Crowdfunding platform with support for Multi-chain IDO and Guaranteered allocation for holders.
  • SolSwap — Multichain DEX
  • SolWallet — Multichain Mobile Wallet
  • DAO Structure

SolPad — The first Crowdfunding platform on Solana with Multiplechain support.

The current situation on the market at the moment is just purely chaos. A new project come out every day, but not everyone will have the chance to buy. Furthermore, most of the new projects at the moment is developing on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Solpad was originally born as a Solana-only launchpad. However, over time it became obvious that despite the high level of technological sophistication and caliber of the participants, the Solana ecosystem is missing Apes. The total Solana TVL is around $30m, while Pancakeswap exceeds $8bn.

The Solpad team and advisors believe that Solana is the blockchain of the future, the ultimate economic equilibrium will be reached when the majority of DeFi projects are launching on Solana. However, Binance Smart Chain currently reigns supreme as it enables seamless UX between Binance, BSC and Pancakeswap.

The goal of Solpad is to become the go-to IDO platform integrating all major Layer 1 chains. That is the reason why, SolPad will become the first Multichain project built on Solana

Furthermore, SolPad will give everyone equal chance to join IDO on our platform. With a tiered structure that benefits for our holders, the chance to buy IDO will belong to the people, not some whales using Bots.

SolSwap — Multichain DEX

With our built-in DEX, projects incubated on SolPad will instantly list on SolSwap. SolSwap was built to become a multichain DEX, connect between Solana and Binance Smart Chain first. With SolSwap, there is no border.

SolWallet — Multichain Mobile Wallet

Most of the cross-chain solutions at the moment is hard to use, especially if you investing in multiple projects on different chains. To solve this, we created SolWallet as an all-in-one mobile chain agnostic wallet.

While we are fascinated by, and believe in the innovation and opportunities that Solana bring with its own architect, we don’t thing that the entire crypto ecosystem will exist on just one network. To us, Multichain is the future. With SolWallet, we are building an effective cross-chain infrastructure.

In short, with SolWallet, users can:

  • Store and transfer digital assets irrespective of their native chains.
  • Connect to blockchain applications on different chains
  • Swap seamlessly between protocols.
  • Manage and track digital assets on different chains.

All of this, from a single wallet — in which digital assets are safely stored and easily accessible.

DAO Structure

SolPad aiming to become a truly decentralize autonomous platform, which serves the benefits of our token holders. PAD token holders will get the rights to vote on almost anything happen on the platform, even which projects can get IDO on SolPad, which pair will be available on SolSwap and so on. This process will take time, but will come eventually.

In the future, SolPad will be governed by a DAO to determine the future of Solstarter and the pricing of tiers for pools. We have big aspirations for the future and the community is invited to help us democratize fundraising.

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