Here at SolPad, we simplify the entry into decentralized finance by providing a comprehensive token launching platform. We are able to accomplish this by offering a more diverse range of products under our $SOLPAD token.

Our products include:

  • A Launchpad.

Today we will be focusing on the Launchpad side of our token, and more specifically, our equitable tier structure.

Launching Platform

By implementing our SolPad solution, we will be able to guide the Solana blockchain to success. With additional DeFi initiatives on Solana, the platform will expand its reach to help even more people. As the…

Step 1:

Access to this link:

Step 2:

Connect your Sollet wallet

Time to start! Do not miss the train.

Well, that was incredible.🔥
We, of course, know how powerful SolPAD is for DeFi traders. Yet, this number was not expected. The SolPAD community is the best — thank you for your confidence and your commitment to go on this journey.

Important notes

To buy $PAD tokens you have 2 options

👍 You have joined our bot whitelist and you are on our list of winners.

❤️ Check whitelist winners: ❤️

✍️ If you missed joining SolPAD’s whitelist bot? Do not worried. Join A2DAO’s whitelist here and do not forget to read… Wallet is an open source wallet on Solana Blockchain. The wallet allows you to connect to projects built on Solana, store, send and receive SOL and other SPL assets such as SRM (SPL), USDC (SPL), RAY (SPL), …. Besides, you can also convert ETH into SOL as well as ERC-20 tokens into SPL tokens right inside the Sollet wallet.

If you don’t have a Sollet wallet, please create it by following these instructions:

If you already have a wallet, then follow the steps below

There is some important noted:

  • Make sure you have SOL in your wallet. Cause SPL tokens, such as Serum (SRM)…

Make a meme that brings a tear of joy, and win a tier! We are hosting a meme competition for all of our talented and creative supporters. This competition is a chance for the best Memers out there to win their very own SolPad tier.

How to Participate

  1. Make a meme of your choice featuring something positive about SolPad Finance.

Then await our announcement; Four winners will be selected based on the quality of the meme at our discretion. …

After countless hours spent perfecting our product, we are excited to finally release SolPad to the public. We are very grateful for the amount of support and enthusiasm we have received leading up to our launch on June 2nd 2021.

We are confident that our public sale will garner high interest based off of our extremely successful raise of $2.2M in our private funding round, as per our Medium article. …

Solpad is thrilled to announce that we have successfully closed our Seed and Private Sale funding rounds.

Solpad is thrilled to announce that we have successfully closed our Seed and Private Sale funding rounds. Both of our rounds were a success, heavily over-subscribed, quickly reached the $2.1M hard cap. In the process, we have built a strong network of early supporters to contribute to the long-term success of Solpad’s ecosystem, include:

VC Partners: Au21, AV Star Capital, Arcuate Capital, Black Mamba Ventures, Chainstride, DCI Capital, DAS Kapital, GD10 Ventures, Genblock, Grizzly Capital, Magnus Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Infinity Capital, Trensettle Ventures…

We are pleased to announce the closing of our seed sale with an amazing group of investors .

SolPAD received over $400,000 USD in funding via leading investor:

ShinChan, Au21 Capital, Arcuate Capital, Black Mamba Ventures, Genblock, OPW Ventures, GourmetGalaxy Labs.

Additionally we want to recognize and thank to Demodyfi, Mandy B, DCI Capital, Trendsetter Ventures, DAS Kapital, Chainstride, Vestigium, Grizzly Capital .

By the end of the sale we were oversubscribed and we want to thank everyone whose interest led to our project raising $400,000 USD in funding.

Our investors and strategic partners have the expertise, knowledge, and understanding…

Today, SolPad Finance is happy to announce that we received the strategic investment from GourmetGalaxy Labs LLC — Owner of Gourmet Galaxy (GUM).

The strategic investment from GourmetGalaxy Labs was made into our Seed Round, along with several other venture capital (which will be announced later).

With this strategic investment and partnership, GourmetGalaxy will help SolPad to grow in the future as a Multichain DeFi platform on Solana. Furthermore, both companies will join resources toward future projects that are launching on GUMPad and SolPAD. …

In today’s guide, we will tell you how to stake Solana (SOL) tokens in the Sollet web wallet.

Sollet — Solana SPL token wallet is a non-custodial browser-based web wallet created by the Project Serum (DEX) team.

Note: Being a client side browser wallet the wallet keys are stored in your local storage which can be encrypted using a password.

When you create a new wallet you’ll be provided with a 24 word mnemonic seed. It is very important that you backup this information safely. You’ll lose your coins from your wallet if you lose the seed word.


The first launchpad on Solana Ecosystems

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